In recent years, the number of Japanese businesses investing in Vietnam and showing interest in its market has been on the increase and their Vietnamese counterparts also look at this trend as a great opportunity to expand cooperation and integration efforts. However, the language barrier has become an obstacle; to communicate, correspond and maintain contact in Japanese has become a prerequisite for many Japanese businesses. Being aware of that need and as a bridge connecting Vietnamese businesses with their Japanese counterparts, OJT has launched a monthly Business Support Package  which covers translation of mails and correspondences, interpretation of telephone calls, dispatch of interpreters to venues (teleconferences, guest reception), and translation of other documents at the customer’s request. With this service package, the customer can save on their HR expenses while still achieving the highest efficiency in communication and contact with their clients. The package also gives them confidence in terms of linguistic communication and additional advice on Japanese corporate culture.

Should the customer wish to have all types of translation, i.e. Japanese – English, English – Japanese, Japanese – Vietnamese, Vietnamese – Japanese, English – Vietnamese, and Vietnamese English, covered in the package, we will offer an optimal option in their best interest.

For more information, please contact +84982239388 (Ms. Trang)