DTP Services

Multilingual DTP services


With our original purpose of bringing customers translated documents with not only linguistic precision but perfect format with captivating design, from the end of 2020, OJT established its DTP services.


We offer DTP services for a variety of format such as: catalogs, flyers, advertisements, travel brochures, etc. in over 15 languages with a team of native speaking collaborators who review from the DTP layout to spelling and punctuation to ensure the highest quality products.


Many of our DTP team members graduated from the top 3 universities in DTP/design in Hanoi such as the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi University of Industry, and Posts and Communications Institute of Technology, with 3-10 years of experience working for corporate clients such as Japanese printing and publishing companies. Furthermore, our team of 15 Japanese members (N3 competency and above) are always reponsible for creating perfect DTP products in accordance to clients’ demands.


Aside from our main employees, our company also signs contracts with around 30 DTP collaborators. Our Japanese personnel collaborate with top universities in DTP to ensure well-rounded Japanese understanding in our service.


At the moment, we accept 2 forms of collaboration:


Firstly, we can draft and sign worker contracts under the supervision of the client. Secondly, we can send rates appropriate to the client’s needs and accept orders in-house. Each contract is individualized based on the client.


OJT is always ready to accept tests from clients to verify the quality and abilities of our DTP team. Please contact us directly.



For more information, please contact +84982239388 (Ms. Trang)