In the Vietnamese market, as high-quality Japanese-speaking personnel have become scarcer, their average wages have been on the rise. The translation fees rates of Japanese-related documents have increased greatly as a result. However, there is a considerable difference between translation fees quoted by professional Japanese – English and English – Japanese translation companies in Japan, America and Europe and those in Vietnam.

In light of this situation, OJT is making maximum use of local resources and is building a pool of well-trained reserve staff. They are students with a good command of Japanese (N1, having benefited from scholarships under the Japanese Government Scholarship Program) and have received professional training since they graduated. Thanks to relatively low human resource costs and considerable investment in training, labor costs are reduced while still maintaining high quality. In addition, with the aim of offering the best prices for the customer, we provide flexible quotations which are compatible with the level of difficulty, length, depth of expertise, etc. of specific service packages or orders. Particularly, we have in place a policy to give new customers priority, they can get free testing translation of the first 2 pages for a translation order of 50 or more pages in length. We also have an incremental discount policy for translation orders of over 50, 100, 200, etc. pages. Contact OJT to get the best price!