It was quite a coincidence when OJT was asked by a Japanese charity organization to support its charitable activities in Vietnam. Everything started with a project to support the computer room of Hanoi’s Center for Children with Disabilities. At present, OJT has also made plans to support this organization in implementing a number of charitable projects such as building schools and bridges for children in mountainous areas.

It is coincidental that this activity suits OJT’s motto of “linking hearts”. With an aspiration to contribute to the community, we are always willing to support foreign organizations’ charitable activities, especially Japanese ones in their activities to support difficulty-stricken areas all over Vietnam. We provide support by offering pickup and transport, listening to charity organizations’ needs so that they can make appropriate plans, recommending locations, regions, and individuals who are really in need. We also provide advice on what public agencies and levels of government should be approached to get a permit signed. Our support does not end there, we also facilitate the search for construction contractors, suppliers (if any), construction supervisors, project progress supervisors, supervision and funding reports, and report on the effectiveness of charitable activities in a transparent and ongoing basis.