Ever since starting off with a project to translate a specification document from Japanese to English for a well-known Japanese car manufacturer, OJT has so far carried out a large number of translation projects related to law, information technology, literature, securities, finance, banking, mechanical engineering, factory production, journalism, public relations, education, health care, chemistry, environment, marketing, hospitality industry, and more of over 15 languages such as Japanese, Vietnamese, English, Korean, Chinese, Portugese, Spanish, Nepali, Tagalog, Burmese, Thai, Indonesian, Khmer, Mongolian, etc.

Below are 6 strengths in OJT’s translation service:

           1.  Professional process; Translation team, native reviewers, technical team;
           2. Perfect document format;
           3. Error control system;
           4. Punctual delivery;
           5. Competitive rates.



Not only is OJT’s translation provided by a team of highly experienced translators and interpreters but it also puts in place a professional quality control process which covers all different stages, from translation, review of contents – which is done by native Japanese, American, British speakers, many of whom are currently language lecturers at universities – to format check, error control. Our CATs are updated on a regular basis. All of this has earned OJT customers’ satisfaction for the high level of translation accuracy, timely delivery, correct format (matching the original format 90% or over, even when the file is in a complex format such as Corel or picture).

Our strong team of translation collaborators has enabled us to meet all urgent translation orders; translation accuracy is still ensured despite time constraints and fee rates are competitive. By engaging local Vietnamese translators, OJT is also able to offer ideal rates compared to other foreign-based Japanese – English translation service providers while still achieving comparable quality.

In addition, to meeting translation requirements of big projects or large orders of over 50 pages, we offer a free 2-page translation sample to customers.

“Beyond words, linking hearts” – Give it a try and enjoy the experience!